We had to write persuasive essays at school and surprisingly I had a lot of fun doing this… I figured I’d share it. Honestly, I’m not sure how good it actually is, but I was really proud of it so…

Just a little insperation for your day…


Alyssa Fell

        Do you really know your friends? Do you know how they would act not in the crammed tight halls, without the stereotypes hanging high above her heads? You see them tightly grasping their bag on their back and slowly looking up just to see the mob of people in front of them. This causes them to look down once again scared of their future and even more frightened about what they witnessed in their past. They are wearing the “in” clothes and have the newest shoes, but really all they are striving for is to be original. They want to be a chef, they take karate class, but you don’t even know because they think you’re judging them… and maybe you are. Judging people is part of human nature. It takes a very strong person to be one’s self and ignore others opinions of them. All this girl has to do is remove the mask plastered to her trembling face.  You must be you! I know it’s not that simple, but honestly it’s now or never. You will be trusted, you will be brave, and you will be confident.

      According to about.com/parenting, social and emotional development: your 14- year old teen,  published December 2015, at the ages 8-15 we start to listen more for peers advice than the people who raised us. This is the time we should be living for ourselves. We are still kids, we have freedom to be crazy, wild, or goofy, but we are also teens and we wear masks. This mask causes lashing out and anxiety. I know it’s hard to realize, but if we know who we are, others will too. You will get the independence you wanted from your parents to go be this crazy kid and this is all because you are being you. There will be no one breathing down your neck about the things you did wrong because you block out all the haters. You must create the power to ignore them. You will be loved and there’s no better feeling than that. The trust gained will make you feel on top of the world, and your strong personality will be contagious.

     Shared new experiences with people that have the same interests as you no longer make you feel like a follower. You are now a leader to a great squad. About.com/parenting, social and emotional development: your 14- year old teen, December 2015, also stated “A strong sense of accomplishment and confidence come from being involved in activities.” This will broaden your horizon about things you are passionate about, not something you pretend to be interested in. That mask is thrown away and you won’t be scared to scream to the whole school that you are an amazing photographer, a raising singer, or play squash and win.

    I promise you your confidence will sky rocket. It might take a little more or less time  than the person sitting next to you, and promise is a strong word, but, there’s no other way to tell you the truth. The weight holding you down while walking through the crowded loud hall will be lifted. The feeling of being free will no longer scare you, but make you burst with joy. You are finally you. The self hatred you had while hiding the true you will be gone.  Please don’t forget that feeling of butterflies in your stomach the night before coming to school because of the mask you never want to put on is about to be applied. Others still feel that too and must know they are not alone. Remember where you came from and the how important this change is in your whole life. Let your confidence of being you spread like an epidemic.

   Alway keep in mind that higher self esteem relates to genuine behavior and blocking out all those haters! You will be seen in a new light, you will create new experiences, and you will be a happier you. This won’t happen overnight. You need to work with yourself, understand what you value. Take your time, an image is hard to abandon and even harder to find the courage to expose your new identity . I’m serious, take off that mask and don’t let people’s opinions consume you. Do you remember that girl who you thought was your friend and you knew everything about, but you didn’t. Well now you do and you’ve realized you like her a lot more and instead of just being your friend she is now your best friend. It’s really never too late to throw away hate!