What’s Trending?-Scrunchies

What’s Trending?-Scrunchies

There’s no denying it, scrunchies are back! Yes, that 80’s hair accessory everyone thought they would never see again has made a reappearance. People react to scrunchies being a trend in 2018 with a horrific look, but they even made an appearance at New York Fashion Week. It comes as a shock to many as they reminisce on their childhood. Scrunches are being worn as a bracelet just as much as they are being worn as hair ties. Scrunchies are definitely a blast from the past, but like most re-occuing trends the new generation adds it’s own spin. They are no longer bright neon colors, but more subtle and chic.

Not only are scrunchies the perfect “cool girl” accessory, but they are also extremely practical. They are perfect for creating a low ponytail, high pony tail, or bun! Many say the best part about a scrunchies is that don’t leave a dent and I have to agree. The key to this look is to make it appear effortless. They are a simple hack for those bad hair days. Scrunchies are a trend you don’t want to miss out on! It’s time to search your closets for that box of clothes you just couldn’t get rid of and pull those scrunchies back out!

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