What’s Trending?- Visceral Outfits

What’s Trending?- Visceral Outfits

Prints, on prints, on prints! It’s intimidating, but styled right it can look superb. It is a big runway trend for Spring 2017 continuing from Spring 2016. It can be a very tricky to make the look seem polished and professional, but used in high fashion it looks fabulous. If you find the right prints and color tones for you, this can look great on anyone. The down side of this trend is the need to buy a lot, specifically multiple patterned pieces. However, those pieces can be styled with many other garments so it is very worth it. Stripes on stripes is a great example of a more toned down visceral outfit, while mixing patterns can create a bolder and more intense look. It seems that floral and striped prints are go-to fabrics for visceral looks for the upcoming season. Designers ranging from Micheal Kors and Mark Jacobs to Diane Von Furstenberg and Alexander Wang have based a few pieces in their spring collections on visceral print mixing. Many more affordable stores like Topshop and Zara are taking part in this as well, making the look available to the public. If you are looking to take a fashion risk visceral outfits are an amazing way to start!

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Some must have visceral pieces:



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