Upcycled Fashion

Upcycled Fashion

Fashion is a way to express yourself without words. Upcycling makes this reality. Upcycling is the best way to own one of a kind clothing. Like I said in a previous post (link here), thrifting is a great option as well. Upcycling is a great activity and allows you to be creative! It allows clothes to channel your personality and be less main stream.There are no rules to upcycling! You can combine two or more pieces and make to your own personal liking. You can also add patches, pins, or change the hem line. The door is open to anything. All it takes is a little time and effort and you can create anything you can imagine.

Upcycling is amazing for the environment as well! It is centered around reducing, reusing, and recycling. There is no need to buy anything, but of course you always can and upcycle new items too. If you ever stumble upon a piece in your closet you don’t love or wear any more, upcycling is a great alternative to just throwing it out; and it can become new clothes for the price of… $0.00!

Recently, I purchased two different colored inexpensive pull over sweatshirts. One was black and one was white. I cut them each in half and sewed the black and the white side together. After, I switched the sleeves so that the black sleeve was connected to the white half and the white sleeve was connected to the black half. I sewed a zipper down the front to give it a bomber jacket look. This turned out super well and it was all upcycled! (Images below)


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