What’s Trending?- Vintage Fashion

What’s Trending?- Vintage Fashion

Everything old is now new and it’s safe to say vintage fashion is modern. The pieces may be styled differently than they once were, but  they are still staples. They are so easy to find in thrift shops like Good Will and Buffalo Exchange. Big brand stores are also creating look-a-like vintage collections and store sections dedicated to them. These pieces can sell out pretty quickly. Denim has always been a great vintage find whether it’s pants or an oversized jacket. Vintage/ vintage look-a-like coats are very cool and look extremely one of a kind. Depending on the store they can be inexpensive or pricey. Vintage band tees have made an insane comeback. They can be found all over for fairly low prices.  Vintage clothing and accessories can also be brand name. This creates an even bigger market for vintage shopping. They have quirky items too! Next time you are thinking about buying an original piece check out some vintage options. Below are just a few trendy vintage pieces.

Urban Renewal
Urban Renewal
Our Vintage








Some vintage shopping guide lines– Vogue

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Go to Vintage Shops:

Urban Renewal– Urban Outfitters (Vintage look a likes)

Our Vintage– Nasty Gal (Handpicked vintage clothes)

Buffalo Exchange– New and recycled fashion, buy, sell, trade

Good Will

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  • Favorite.
    Also a really cool thrift shop I went to was called Beacons Closet in Brooklyn over break. But I still want a pair of vintage high wasted loose jeans.

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