Relatable is the New Funny

Relatable is the New Funny

Funny used to be cracking a joke or being sarcastic in some way shape or form. It was easy or hard depending on your sense of humor, but it was definitely more straight forward and simple to comprehend. As life has become more informal we have begun to use humor more often to add levity to situations. Relatable is definitely the new funny.

Social media has had a huge influence on the way humor is perceived. Being able to comment “same” or “me” on your friend’s finsta post (Internet slang dictionary on the bottom) or on a meme account is just one way that funny has become a more of shared experience. We are now able to poke fun of ourselves and have a quick laugh that might make an awkward event or encounter a little lighter. This extends on to You Tube where the personalities are changing and people are beginning to be their true, authentic selves because that’s what people find humor and entertainment in. People like to laugh with you especially if they find they can relate. This creates an emphasis on the fact that you must be able to laugh at yourself.

This type of humor has evolved past social media and has allowed people to put their guards down. It is very present in everyday social interactions. Some of my teachers use humor to let their personalities shine through. They are putting memes on homework to incentivize students. When your friends make a blunt comment it has a sense of humor to it because you understand how they feel. People tend to be more honest and up front as long as they know others will understand. Understanding leads to this new humor.

Although not all people think relatable is funny it is definitely a creative outlook on humor. With all the new technology and social media it has become easier to make fun of yourself and have a little laugh. It allows people to become more comfortable with themselves. Television shows have caught on to this as well and it is undeniable that relatable is the new funny!

Internet Slang Dictionary:

Finsta- A second Instagram account followed by your closest friends where you don’t care what you post and don’t filter yourself. Also referred to as a fake Instagram.

Meme- Image or idea with a witty or humorous caption

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