What’s Trending?-Velvet

What’s Trending?-Velvet

Velvet, velvet, velvet! Dresses, shoes, chokers, pants, shirts, skirts, and much more. Velvet is definitely in for almost every occasion and time of the year, especially with the up coming holidays. It is fancy, fashionable, and adds a little something. Looking for the perfect outfit for Thanksgiving and want to make a good impression on the people you only see about twice a year? Velvet is an amazing go to. It looks put together, timeless, and very expensive. It is also extremely soft. I don’t know about you, but if something is soft I’m all for it. Crushed velvet is a great alternative if you are not a huge fan of velvet itself. It is a great fabric choice for New Years, Christmas, or any celebration. From a cute fall top to a beautiful holiday dress and then to summer shorts and sneakers, velvet is a staple item!

“See, velvet is basically the Beyoncé of fabrics: It’s flawless”- Racked

Trend:  All in Velvet- Urban Outfitters 

Velvet Must Haves:

$16.00- Brandy Melville
$79.95- Steve Madden
$69.00- Urban Outfitters







$50.00- TopShop


$50.00- TopShop


$2.90- Forever 21










$12.00- Urban Outfitters
$69.00- Urban Outfitters
$59.00- Urban Outfitters

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