Feminism- A Great Rebellion!

Feminism- A Great Rebellion!

Feminism: (noun)

  • The advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
Feminist (noun)
  • A person who supports feminism.
 As humans we are taught to love ourselves and feel equal to one another. I feel being a female I have heard this countless times.  It is a statement everyone needs to hear and a core part of feminism. Feminism does not stem from the idea that women are inferior, even though that is a common misconception. The idea of feminism is that everyone is equal. Race, sexuality, or gender is not shunned or unaccepted. It is not a new term or idea, but is one that can not be forgotten. It becomes a battle in all walks of life. What am I worth? Why is it okay for them and not me? Being a women this comes up more. Constantly comparing ourselves to our male counter parts. It comes up in terms of grades, clothing, salary, and the media’s image that becomes society’s “normal”. You don’t have to be a women to understand what feminism means or to believe it, but you do have to open your mind. We must realize what so many people have fought for in the past and are correctly fighting for now.  A simpler way to say this is, “men and women need to work together toward the same cause — a society in which every member has the opportunity to flourish” (Huffington Post). It is a group effort. No, not everyone will side with this concept, but if enough people try it can become a reality. Feminism is a rebellion to better us!

“I’m really happy that people agree with it and I’m really happy that people disagree, because at least people are talking about it”- Rowan Blanchard (Speaking on feminism)

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