Fun Time Fillers

Fun Time Fillers

I don’t do a lot after school. My everyday routine is to come home, watch a little youtube, maybe have a dance party (it depends on my mood) then start my home work and study, but that can get boring. Day after day it is nice to change things up a little. Let me tell you how awkward it is when some asks what you do out side of school.

Other person: “Hey, what do you do after school?”

Me: “Well…nothing really.”

Other person: “Oh… cool” *walks away with a weird look on their face.

It goes something like that every single time, but I have found some ways to add some pizazz to that. Maybe add something small to your routine and a little more to tell people when they ask.

Do everything and anything: You have the time so why not? Find something you are passionate about and set a certain amount of your day aside of that. You don’t even have to go far. It can be in the comfort of your own home or a little while away, but it doesn’t have to be too serious. For me it is sewing. I have began making chokers all the time after school. It is something that takes up time and makes me feel productive when I am done. Have an open mind. If a friend asks you to join them in an activity they are trying for the first time or something they love go for it. It doesn’t have to be for you, but you tried and that’s what counts. Have an open mind!

Blog or Youtube: Create something bigger than yourself. You are opening yourself to the world by doing this. All you need is some form of technology. Blogging and Youtube are amazing ways to share your ideas. Whether people watch/read it or not, it is still a part of you and something you can keep up. You can create deadlines for yourself and spend a short amount of minutes on it  a day. It also fits in after school or a job. You can base it on your interest, mine being writing and fashion which is what caters to.

Cook: I usually say bake when given the choice, but cooking will benefit everyone in your family. You can cook dinner. All you have to do is find a recipe that you really want to try, go to the grocery store, and begin! Going to the grocery store is an activity in itself. You don’t have to do this every night, but if you want an activity to do this is great. You aren’t on your phone (unless you are watching a video on how to make the dish) and who knows, you might find a new staple recipe for your house!

Draw: I know drawing isn’t everyones thing, but if it is or you think there is even a little chance it might interest you, try it. It lets you create something out of your own imagination. Whether it’s abstract, realistic, or whatever,  it doesn’t matter. Drawing is very soothing and a great way to pass time. You may end up with a masterpiece. No matter what it is, it is your piece of art and something to be proud of!

Volunteer: Where ever you live there must be somewhere to volunteer. It is so simple, yet many wouldn’t think of it. You can find an association or something you feel very passionate about and help out. It’s that simple! You can even just play with kids while they wait for there working parents to get them from school. You are doing good and helping others. You have the time so why waste it?

Now when people ask you, “What do you do after school?”

You can say, “I… Cook, Volunteer, Blog, etc…”


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