Sleepover Ideas

Sleepover Ideas

I don’t know if it’s just me and my friends, but we never know what to do at sleepovers. We get bored super easily, but we have found a few easy and fun things to do. These activities are very simple so you can change them up and cater them to you. With the school year starting we tend to have sleep overs most Friday nights. However, these actives don’t have to be for sleepovers, they can be for hanging out with your friends, siblings, or your family.

Dance Parties/ competitions– This is something I do with my friends quite frequently. It is so much fun and a great way to share new music you have discovered with each other. If there are three or more people I definitely recommend dance competitions. You can get into teams and compete or have a category of music and compete individually. Sometimes we attempt gymnastics, but be very cautious while doing so because it is very easy to get hurt.

Predict each others future–  What I mean by this is that everyone will predict the other person/ peoples life stories. I know this sounds kind of weird, but I promise it is really funny and actually can seem quite accurate. There’s not much else to explain, but all you have to do is basically say what ever you invasion their life to be like. It is amazing if you are really close to the people you are doing this with because the more they know you the better and more outrages the story.

Bake– This might seem like a no brainer, but baking is a great sleepover activity for multiple reasons. First, eating is amazing no matter the time of day (or night). Want a midnight snack you got one. Also, if you are making something like no churn ice cream (blog post on its way) that has to freeze over night you are still together when it is ready. If you want food while watching a movie you are all covered. Somehow, when ever I bake with my friends someone always messes something up and not going to lie it’s usually me. It’s still really fun and something to do. I would totally recommend looking on Pinterest to try to find the craziest thing you can make because it’s a sleepover, you have time, so why not?

Movie marathon– Again, this is a classic. I don’t know about you, but I’m not someone that has the patience to sit for movie after movie so I would get up and stretch, but I would totally come back to watch another. I think that it is great to mix in throwback movies with new releases. It can switch stuff up a little and make things more exciting. If movies aren’t your cup of tea you can totally binge watch a show with your friends. I love having someone to talk to about an episode of a show and it’s even better if they aren’t a head so they can’t spoil it for you.

Prank Calls– Prank calls are so entertaining, but you have to be very careful while doing so. Make sure when calling the person on the other end will be ok with it, also don’t press any trigger points, or creep them out. Other then that go for it. Friends are the best people to do it with because you can make back stories and have someone to laugh with when your done! If you have a friend that can do accents or change their voice in any way they are the person to do it with. Make sure not to laugh when on the phone, but to be honest I’m usually the one to do that.

Go on an adventure– Be SPONTANEOUS! It is always more fun to do something with a friend then alone. Even if you are just going on a walk or wearing pajamas out to dinner it is something a little out of the ordinary. Just make sure that you stay safe. You might learn something about your friend you never knew and make memories! You will always have something to look back on and that’s what really matters!

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