My Letter to Technology

My Letter to Technology

Dear Technology,

I am kind of obsessed with you. This is not something I am proud of. You came into my life in my teenage years and because of that it is hard to split with. I have grown to know what everyone is doing, always, to check Instagram every minute because it’s just instinct to open the app, and to make sure I never loose a Snapchat streak. I have my phone in my hand 24/7 and when I don’t it’s because I’m at school and then it is off because I’m paranoid of getting it taken away. Now, I can’t explain to you why I have such a connection with being connected. Maybe it’s because if I am bored and can’t do something great I might as well watch someone else do something amazing, but as I said, I can’t explain. You fill my time with wasteless things and make me hide in my room all day instead of branching out and being social. Sometimes you bore me, but somehow I still use you for hours after. You keep me connected with people I love and people who intimidate me yet for some reason I still care what they’re doing. Technology, you let me know anything I want within a few clicks because the world is at my fingertips. You let me write this and share it with the world even though it is against you. Now, I know the blame isn’t all on you. I have created bad habits for myself that I don’t know how to break, but it seems like the world around me has picked up on these habits as well. You do some great things for me and I don’t want to act like I haven’t realized these too because, I have. You let me stay in touch with people around the world, you inspire me to create something beyond myself, but most of all you let me discover new things I would’ve never dreamed of. So with all this said, I hate and I love you.



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