4 Simple Workout Ideas

4 Simple Workout Ideas

I have never been someone to love to working-out or really be active at all. I did ballet for a long time, but after that I stopped exercising. I don’t do sports. Anyone close to me or even in my gym class for that fact, can tell you that. I have recently gotten in the swing of being more active by just a few simple activities. I have actually found that exercising brings up my energy and if I do nothing for the rest of the day I still feel somewhat productive.

Spinning– I always had a thing against spinning. I honestly don’t know why, but I finally understand why people love it so much. It is great cardio and I just an amazing way to get your day started. I go spinning at a local place, but I know there are places all over. Spinning can get pretty pricey. It all depends on where you go so look into it before deciding. I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried spinning I felt really sick, but every time after that I felt totally fine and have been going a bunch. I would definitely recommend trying it even if you think it’s not your thing because you never know.

Running– I know with the weather cooling down this is a little harder to run, but we still have a while until being outside is unbearable if you live in a climate with four seasons like me. Running is one of my favorite forms of working out. In the spring I was really into it and went almost everyday, however when the temerapture starting reaching 90 or more degrees I stopped running that much. I prefer to run with friends. I get bored running alone, but music is always a great if choose if you do go alone. I think running with someone is a fun activity. You have someone to talk to and even better then that someone to motivate you. I really like that I don’t know how much I have ran until I am home. I use Map My Run to see how far I have gone. Personally, I don’t like running on a track. I found it too repetitive. There are so many different ways of running whether it’s jogging or sprinting I think many people could find something they like about it.

Youtube workouts– Youtube workouts are so helpful. They can be a substitute for a personal trainer or a yoga instructor. The best part is that they are free and so reliable. You can even do them in your own bedroom which is a plus. I mean why would you ever want to leave your house or your bedroom? People… ew. What you have to do is choose how long you want your workout to be and what you would like to focus on and look it up on Youtube. With the cold weather approaching this might be your go to. They are great for all year round and you get to squeeze it into your schedule instead of planning your day around it.

45 minute high intensity workout

6 minute ab workout 

30 minute full body workout

Workout challenges– I have mixed emotions about workout challenges. Half of me loves them and the other half doesn’t. It really depends on the one you choice. Some of them are crazy over the top and are too much strain on your body, but if you find the right one it’s great. It only takes five minutes out of your day, not even,  and they are usually for a month at a time. It is very easy to forget about so I recommend doing it with a friend so you can remind eachother or setting alarms. I have found pretty good ones on Pinterest (click here to check them out)!

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