What Fashion Means to Me

What Fashion Means to Me

I know a lot of people including myself say it’s horrible to love shopping because shopping is money and money is a hard thing to earn, but honestly it’s a great thing. It is not the money being spent, but if what you are spending it on is right for you. Fashion gives you a voice. Everyday when you get dressed you’re making a statement. Wether you’re feeling your best or not you are creating a new person. Fashion can show a part of you not a lot of people know. Being a women loving shopping you can fall into a stereotype. What stores you shop at, how often you go and so on, but really if you think about it it is a part of a person. If fashion means that much I say go for it. It makes a statement before words come out. Fashion use to be something difficult for women and still is in some countries and religions. We had no choice and it was in a way against us because it was very uniformed. Now that we have a say and the freedom of that form of expression I think it can’t be taken for granted. We can take something that was once bad and make it good and that is a reason I think fashion is so influential on peoples lives. You don’t have to look like everyone else. Some people might not like how your dressed, but that’s ok because they choose to show them self in another style and light. Fashion is a sense of uniqueness!

MET- Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology