August Audio

August Audio

I have been really into music this month. I use Spotify which I really like, but sometimes when I listen on my phone it gets annoying because I don’t have Spotify premium. However,  my family doesn’t listen to music enough to get Apple Music. My music taste can really differ. I like the pop songs on the radio as well as rap although I don’t agree with some of the lyrics (ex: Broccoli by D.R.A.M Lil Yachty) . I also really enjoy Carol King and covers by Lake Street Dive. The music I listen to really depends on my mood so I have a few playlists I depend on.

My Spotify- alyssa.rose11

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My top listened to Spotify Playlists:

August 16′– A combination of pop and random songs I have been loving this month

Bed Time – Slow songs that will either make you really sad or really calm

Turn up – The title is self explanatory, this music will make you get up and dance

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