London and Paris

London and Paris

I have never been outside of North America before. Last week I went to Europe. It was so pretty, but in a different way then a place like New York City. It was older and I felt it had more character. We went to London first, where it was very easy to communicate unlike Paris where all I know to say is bonjour and mercy. I should have been more prepared… oops. It was an amazing experience and I was very lucky. It was so cool to see a different culture, more in Paris than London. I felt London was more like the USA. However, I did enjoy London more, but I was there for four days not two so that made me more comfortable. I also thought the tube/ underground in London was amazing. There was a lot of smoking in Europe. That confused me a little just because the amount of health scares from it, but I guess it’s just a big deal in the US.




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